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Thank you for choosing Btcnok.com (here in after also referred to as “Swivetor OÜ”, “we”, “us”, or the like).

We recommend that you review the terms carefully before using our services. The services are intended for companies and individuals (“the Investor”, “you”, or the like) who wish to invest in Digital Currency. We assume that the Investor owns or acquires sufficient knowledge of Digital Currency to make justified investment decisions and even assesses the risks associated with investments in and trading with Digital Currency.


By using our services on this website Btcnok.com you agree to the following terms and conditions. By using this site and our services, you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you have accepted these terms. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our terms.

Btcnok.com is a website and service that facilitates the purchase of Bitcoins, the purchase of ICO (crypto missions) and advertising for the purchase of Bitcoin and ICO (crypto missions). Read more about Bitcoin on the website http://bitcoin.org.

Swivetor OÜ

Private limited company

Registry: 14767886

Registration: 24.07.2019

Company: Swivetor OÜ

Field of operation: Administrative and support service activities.

Activity licenses and notices of economic activities.

Activity license: FRK001187

Category: Financial services

Providing a virtual currency wallet service

Valid since: 08.01.2020

Activity license: FVR001305

Category: Financial services

Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

Valid since: 08.01.2020

Your account

The Services and the Website may be used by any party who wishes. You must register with up-to-date and correct information in accordance with what is requested in the registration process. You must also keep the information up to date. You cannot use accounts other than your own and you can only create one account. When withdrawing money, you will be asked to enter the account number to which you have transferred money. You are responsible for providing correct account information. Btcnok.com cannot be held responsible for any losses you incur as a result of incorrect account information being provided. You are obliged to keep your account information secret, including your password. You are responsible for ensuring that your Bitcoin is safe. Back up. If Btcnok.com detects any suspicious activity, we may require additional information from you to ensure that you have provided correct information about your identity. In this context, we reserve the right to close / freeze all activity on your account. If you discover unauthorized use of your account yourself, you must notify Btcnok.com of this without undue delay by emailing support@Btcnok.com.

If you do not comply with these requirements, your customer relationship may be terminated and you may be held liable for any losses incurred by Btcnok.com or other users. You also acknowledge that you will not use the Services to perform, facilitate, facilitate, or otherwise contribute to any form of criminal activity. Btcnok.com will work extensively with the police and other public authorities to help uncover all forms of illegal activity. This means that Btcnok.com will, at its discretion, provide such names, addresses, trading histories and all other requested information to such authorities. Your account may be frozen if requested by such public authorities in connection with investigations and investigations into any illegal activity. Btcnok.com itself decides whether to request an account freeze in cases where we are not legally obligated to do so.


You can terminate your customer relationship whenever you want by closing your account, or by emailing support@Btcnok.com. You also agree that, without notice and at our sole discretion, we may close access to your account, your account, and / or the site on any basis, as well as take technical and legal steps to maintain the situation. Btcnok.com determines whether the authority is relevant. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the service and / or site. You agree not to hold Btcnok.com accountable to yourself or any third party for the purposes of deleting an account, access being closed or the site / service being modified or discontinued. In the event that your account is closed, you are obliged to inform Btcnok.com of the account number you wish to have transferred the funds you may have benefited from after deducting commissions to Btcnok.com. You also have the obligation to provide Btcnok.com with all other information we ask for in this context in order to verify that you are the correct owner of the account. Btcnok.com will transfer the funds to you as soon as possible after providing the required information, but within the timeframe otherwise applicable to payments from Btcnok.com.


All services are provided “as-is”, and without any warranty whatsoever, neither stated nor implied. We do not guarantee that the site will be available 100% of the time. We will do our best to ensure access is as good as possible, but it is not possible to guarantee that, for example, delays, service failures, data loss, disruption, neglect, etc. will not occur.

External pages

Btcnok.com may post links to external sites, but we are not responsible for content on such external sites. If you use other websites, either directly by following a link, or through an API interface offered by / via Btcnok.com, you are obliged to evaluate and comply with the terms of use of external sites.

Not financial advice

Swivetor OÜ does not offer investment advice in connection with its services. For example, when sending out newsletters, we may provide information regarding price, scope, volatility and events that have affected the price of tokens/cryptocurrencies. This is general information or our general perception of events. Such newsletters are not and cannot be used as advice for any particular person or as investment advice on tokens/cryptocurrencies. Swivetor disclaims responsibility for any loss that users claim to have suffered as a result of having used such and other information from Swivetor. Any decision to buy or sell tokens/cryptocurrencies is a person’s independent decision and Swivetor has no responsibility for any losses that any person may suffer in this connection.

Regulatory issues

Government supervisory measures and applicable laws and regulations may change from time to time, which might cause an adverse impact on users, change the nature of a token or limit the use of a token. In addition, user’s transaction of cryptocurrency may expose user to taxation and regulatory risks. Besides, an issuer may not be able to successfully complete the release of its services or products, have its services or products be widely adopted, attract developers to develop applications to attract other users, or expand its user base through widespread use and adoption of the token. An issuer may also be the target of malicious cyberattacks or may contain exploitable flaws in its underlying code, which may result in security breaches and the loss or theft of tokens. There is no assurance of token delivery or other liquidity event. The user may not have an accurate appraisal of the future valuation of the tokens. Finally, the blockchain network used by the token operator is subject to change at any time, and any of these changes may have unintended consequences, and therefore these risks should be carefully assessed by the user.

Limitation of liability

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Swivetor cannot be held liable for any financial loss, including lost profits, profits, earnings, or any such opportunity – neither directly nor indirectly. Swivetor cannot be held responsible for downtime, malfunction, interruptions, and the fact that the account is closed or frozen for whatever reason or lack of availability of the site.